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Wilmington, NC

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Wilmington, NC

What Is Full Service Interior Design?

Full service interior design is a comprehensive, start to finish design service that allows my clients to be “hands-off” as their home or office is transformed into a stunning, sophisticated space.

Whether it’s for one room or an entire vacation home renovation, my 15 step process outlines a clear project path that starts with the New Client Meeting and ends with a big Client Reveal (Step 11) and Client Binder (Step 15) documenting the project details. Not every step is used in every project (No need for Step 8 if we’re doing a Room Refresh on guest bedroom) but the process is in place and spelled out for any project. It really helps to take the guesswork and fear of the unknown out of a project for my clients.

Think of it as a chef & her team coming to your home to cook for a party. We collaborate with you and decide what to serve for dinner. My team gathers ingredients to cook, prepares and serves the meal, and you sit down to eat. Short of writing a check, deciding what to have for dinner and what time to eat, your job is done! Check out my 15 Step Satisfaction By Design Process to learn more!

My 15 Step Satisfaction By Design Process

Project Initiation Phase
STEP 1   New Client Meeting: with Rebecca Mickler
STEP 2   Contract Review,Retainer & Project Commencement
Research, Design, Presentation Phase
STEP 3   Trade Day: On-site Measurements, Photos and Final Criteria Meeting
STEP 4   Design & Documentation: 3D Models, Drawings, Sourcing of Goods & Estimates
STEP 5   Presentation Day: Design Presentation & Collection of Deposits
Project Management Phase
STEP 6   Order Placement: Assessment of Delivery & Lead-times
STEP 7   Budget & Progress Review
STEP 8   Initiation of Construction and Renovation
STEP 9 Installation Period & Receipt Of Orders
STEP 10 Furniture Installation & Styling Day + Photography of Space
STEP 11 Client Reveal
Project Administration Phase
STEP 12  Deficiencies Identified
STEP 13  Deficiencies Resolved
STEP 14  Project Closure Meeting: Presentation of Final Invoices
STEP 15 Thank You & Project Completion: Presentation of Client Binder

Design Rates

New Client Meeting: $375
Principal Designer: $225/Hr.
Jr. Design Assistant: $125/Hr

Design Fees Vary Per Project
Design retainers start at $5625 (approx. 25hrs) and are based on a percentage of the scope of the project.

What’s my next step? You have a couple options! I’d choose one of the following:

  • Schedule a Discovery Call: If you’ve still got some questions or just want a little one on one time with me (happens a lot), you can schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your project and/or my services in more detail.
  • Click on the Start My Project form below, fill out & submit the form and I’ll review and contact you with next steps!

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