Design Trends for 2021 - Goodbye Blues!

Green is finally trending in interior design, and we are on board! The color green is most commonly associated with all things nature. It is surrounding and therefore our brains find it calming. Certainly, we can all use some relaxation after 2020, right? The rich, natural color trends of 2021 are promoting more purposeful designs, encouraging prosperity. As we know, bringing the outside in has many beneficial effects. Green also encourages growth and connection. Becoming naturally conscious isn’t just trending, it’s a lifestyle. Biophilia is the “affinity of human beings for other life forms”. In other words, our minds naturally crave organic elements, hence the desire to bring it into our homes!

However, too much green can be overwhelming and like any other color you need a focal point. For instance, painted kitchen cabinets are all the rage; an accent wall, or an individual piece of furniture are excellent ways to incorporate the right amount of color into a design. In addition, plants and florals are an easy way to achieve greenery whether it be live plants or just patterns on a pillow. Thankfully, this design trend doesn’t require a green thumb.

Coffee Table Moes
Dolce Dining Chair Moes Furniture Collection
Ellen Accent Table Emerald Green Marble Four Hand
Sofa Sagebrook Home
Cabinet Moes Furniture Collection
Forest Green Pillow Alder And Tweed
Ace Bench Four Hands Olive
Elva Table Lamp Uttermost
Kennebunkport Green Benjamin Moore
Franco Chair Moes Furniture Collection
Weathered Mirror Sagebrook

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