Virtual Interior Design (or EDesign)

(Also Known As Electronic Design or Online Interior Design)
Ready for a room that reflects you and your style? Want a dining room that guests gush over at dinner parties? Our custom edesign interiors service takes the guesswork out of what your room design will look like and whether you can afford it. We will tailor our virtual interior design to your budget and send 3D images of your room for you to review and feel comfortable with before ever making your first furniture or home decor purchase.

Virtual Interior Services start at $349

Fill out the contact form below and upload images of your space. We will send you a design quote and a followup questionnaire. Once we have discussed your plans & design budget (via email or phone) and you feel comfortable turning the design reigns over, we’ll send over an invoice and EDesign contract. As soon as the contract is signed and payment is received, we begin work! There may be a few additional questions from us along the way but before you know it, you’ll have a creative, unique space waiting for you.

Virtual Interior Design (EDesign) is perfect for clients who:

  • Want a customized design plan & shopping list they can implement themselves
  • Don’t need or want anyone else to make final decisions on furnishings or purchases for them
  • Enjoy shopping & decorating themselves but need help coming up with an overall design scheme
  • Want to purchase a little at a time, as budget allows
  • Aren’t local to Wilmington, NC

Don’t wait another minute to get started on the Edesign for your home! Complete our Design Request Form to begin today!

Virtual Interior Design EDesign
Virtual Interior Design EDesign
Virtual Interior Design EDesign
Virtual Interior Design EDesign Moodboard
Virtual Interior Design EDesign Floorplan
Virtual Interior Design EDesign Shopping List Paint Color

The Virtual Interior Design (EDesign) Process

Our process is simple, easy and fun! By now you’ve probably had a chance to check out our previous work on the Portfolio page and decided you dig our style! We work with a lot of different clients and consequently have experience with a lot of different design styles. What you can expect from our designs are the things we consider the important factors in any design style like form and function (how it works + how it looks), balance, appropriate scale, color, texture, pattern and shine (yes I will continue to reference TLC’s What Not To Wear b/c I really miss it)! What we will expect from you is to share with us a LOT of inspiration photos on a Pinterest board. Sharing lots of photos will eventually help us to identify trends that emerge in your own style (if even you haven’t noticed them, we will!). That plus a detailed questionnaire about how you’d like to use the space will put us on the right track to helping identify your own personal style.

The Virtual Interior Design Process

  1. Contact us and let us know you’re interested in starting a new project
  2. Send us photos and dimensions of the space or spaces
  3. We will send you a design quote, contract and invoice to review, sign and pay.
  4. We will setup a shared Pinterest board for you to start pinning inspiration photos. It’s important that you not only add lots of images, but also tell us why you like something (ex. love that mantel! or “this paint color is perfect!”)
  5. Fill out the New Client Questionnaire we send you
  6. Once we feel like we have a good idea what you like, want and need, we’ll put together a moodboard for you to review.
  7. You take some time to look things over and we make any revisions at that time.
  8. Once the moodboard is approved, we move on to detailing the 3D model.
  9. We’ll send some preliminary un-rendered images of the 3D model during the process to make sure we’re on the right track in terms of furniture placement, artwork placement, size and scale, etc.
  10. We go through the review, revise and approve process once again.
  11. Final rendered images are sent to you.
  12. The shopping list and implementation guide are finalized and sent to you.
  13. You immediately fall in love, buy everything on your shopping list and show off your room to casual acquaintances walking by on the street!

Sound easy enough? Don’t wait another minute! Fill out our Design Request Form to start your project!

The Virtual Interior Design (EDesign) Package

The Virtual Interior Design package includes everything you will need to put together a terrific looking room on your timeline and your budget.  The beauty of EDesign is that you can follow the plan to a tee or use the design as a template and fill in the blanks.  You have the option to purchase as much or as little of what we recommend. If you decide you would prefer a different nightstand or find a great deal on a piece of artwork, you can substitute anything and still feel confident the room will look great.

The EDesign Package Includes:

  • 3D Model of the room (3-4 Rendered Images)
  • Floor Plan - Labeled
  • Design Moodboard
  • Detailed Shopping List
  • Installation Instructions & Paint Colors

We would love to talk with you more about your interior design needs! Contact us anytime to find out more through our Free Estimate Form or submit the Design Request Form to start your project!

If you’d like to see samples of our past EDesign projects, visit our Virtual Interior Design Portfolio page.

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