Scandinavian/Mid-Century Design Style

Scandinavian style is inspired by the snow and mountains of the Nordic countries. Think pared back coziness, clean lines and plenty of texture using natural materials like wool, sisal, cotton and wood. Combine those textures with natural colors like cream, white, grays and maybe a touch of pastel or colors toned down with grey for a light, airy feel.

This style pays homage to the simplicity of life demonstrated in these countries, often focusing on utility over decoration.

Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern styles share a wide variety of characteristics. In fact, when focusing solely on furniture style, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Color, or lack thereof, tends to be a determining difference in these two styles. MCM boasts bold color often times with lots of contrast, while Scandinavian style leans more towards soft neutral colors.

Traditional Clock
Traditional Dining Chair
Traditional Fabric Samples
Traditional Hallway
Traditional Table Lamp
Traditional Table Lamp

Scandinavian Design Elements


  • Simple, clean lines
  • Light, airy muted colors
  • Light tone woods
  • Emphasis on form + function
  • Minimal decor
  • Incorporation of live plants
Traditional Buffet

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