Minimalist Design Style

Minimalist interiors are stripped down to their essential elements and empty space is left to create a design statement. Color other than white is used sparingly and most aspects of the design are very simple in concept and execution.

Think light and airy neutrals when envisioning a minimalist space. This style is very thoughtful and intentional. Nothing is brought into your space without careful consideration and planning. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

This style doesn’t sound like you? Take the Signature Style Quiz again and see if you get a different result! Many will enter…few will win. (Just kidding, there are no prizes)

Traditional Dining Chair
Traditional Fabric Samples
Traditional Fabric Samples
Traditional Table Lamp
Traditional Clock
Traditional Table Lamp

Minimalist Design Elements


  • Simple, “less is more”
  • Functional
  • Monochromatic color scheme 
  • Color used as accent
  • Focuses on shape, clean lines
  • Zero to little pattern
  • Emphasis on texture 
Traditional Buffet

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