Metro Modern Design Style

A Metro modern home is one that is clean, sleek with usually a simple color palette and modern materials such as metal, glass, concrete and steel. 

Rich, luxe materials like velvet curtains and leather chairs are paired with metal legs and glass coffee tables to create a clutter free, chic aesthetic. Materials are inspired by high rise buildings (think glass, steel, concrete) and a feeling of luxury and decadence. Next stop…the penthouse!

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Traditional Clock

Metro Modern Design Elements


  • Building materials like glass, steel and concrete
  • Metallic & mirrored accents
  • Chic, refined appearance
  • Fabrics often include leather, velvets and other luxe textiles
  • Contemporary design with luxe accents
  • Feels polished and sophisticated like a penthouse or art gallery
  • Luxurious textures, rather than bold colors make up this color scheme
Traditional Clock

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