Industrial Design Style

Industrial design is known for its use of building materials as the main point of design. From steel to stone, bricks to brass, industrial design is all about raw, exposed materials. If you love seeing how things are put together, industrial design is for you! It lacks what traditional design style lovers would call “refinement” but in place of refinement or polish, it respects the function and material of the item.

Industrial design style is inspired by the industrial revolution of the late 1700-mid-1800’s, when manufacturing plants first made it possible to mass produce everyday items. Think converted warehouses and downtown lofts and the design style that comes with it is likely industrial! Furniture & decor often has a “deconstructed” look (all of the insides are on the outside).

Let your color palette be guided by the raw materials used for a truly authentic industrial look. Red brick, gray steel & concrete, glass and wood tones make up a cozy, raw color palette. Architectural elements often become the focal point in an industrial design, meaning the furniture & decor plays the supporting cast. Building materials and structure are kept in view (exposed beams, brick columns, ductwork) to truly bring out the industrial look.

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Traditional Table Lamp

Industrial Design Elements


  • Exposed structural elements
  • Building materials like stone, brick, steel
  • Colors inspired by building materials (red brick, gray steel)
  • Heavy, industrial metal accents
  • Deconstructed appearance
  • Fabrics often include leather, natural fibers & animal hide or hair
Traditional Clock

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