Bohemian/Eclectic Design Style

A love of color and a mix of styles, Boho style breaks all the design rules. Lots of different cultures are represented, lots of accessories and prints all blended in the right combination.
Bohemian and eclectic interiors are brought together through the process of borrowing from a range of different periods, styles, and trends. This is your chance to break the rules, have some fun with your design and not worry about what “works.”

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Traditional Dining Chair
Traditional Fabric Samples
Traditional Fabric Samples
Traditional Table Lamp
Traditional Clock
boho style poof

Bohemian/Eclectic Design Elements


  • Organic shapes and materials
  • Incorporates different cultures and styles from around the globe
  • Opposite of minimalism
  • Variety of bright colors, patterns, and textures
  • Natural neutrals; clay browns, wood, metallics
  • Lots of botanicals
Traditional Buffet

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