Total Transformation (Full Service Interiors)
Full Service Interior Design 

is perfect for clients who:

  • Want an experienced designer to create the design and manage the execution of that design in their home
  • Do want to LOVE their home design, but don’t want/need/have time/skill/patience to put together said design
  • Are totally looking forward to someone else doing the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively)
  • Absolutely see the value in hiring a professional who designs for a living to take the stress out of what can and often is a very stressful experience when done on your own
  • Live in or around Wilmington, NC
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But What About…?
Q: Furniture. I already have furniture. Do I have to buy new stuff?

A: Nope. I mean, you certainly can if you aren’t digging what you have. At our first meeting we will come up with a SOW, otherwise known as a Scope of Work. Otherwise, otherwise known as a list of stuff you have, stuff you want and stuff I think you need and then decide what you want me to do about all this stuff. Simply put, it’s a game plan. Totally customized to your home and your needs.

Q: Do I need to know my budget?

A: Ehh. Not really. You will need one and you will certainly need to spend some money (I know, I know this is getting less fun by the second) BUT I like to put together a Design Cost Estimate (DCE) for YOU, based on what I think you need to get your house looking top-notch and envy worthy. I put a range of costs for each item and tally the big ugly number at the end so you can have some idea what you’re getting yourself into. My design fees will be spelled out and included in the big ugly number.

Q: Are you going to talk me into lamps that cost $800 each?

A: Probably not. ? I typically recommend you INVEST money in the good stuff (stuff you sit on, sleep in or bathe in). Depending on the budget, I can and often do recommend we find savings in decorative accessories/lighting/artwork.  Don’t get me wrong, I can recommend FABULOUS, high dollar décor for you home, but I am also gifted with the ability to make a smaller budget go a long, long way. My design costs estimate includes literally EVERYTHING I think you will need. Even rug pads. Nobody sees them or likes them, but they’re there.

Do You Have References?

I do. Lots of them. And I’ve paid them well to tell you all the things I’m telling you now (totally kidding). I have a great testimonials page and a lengthy portfolio page for you to peruse. If you’d like to actually speak to people that have taken the plunge (with me) I would be happy to provide you with contact info and a prison visitation schedule (again totally kidding). 80% of my clients are return clients and I love them dearly! The other 20% are new clients like you who can appreciate (or at least ignore) my often inappropriate sense of humor.

Q: Okay I’m ready…where do I sign?

A: Easy. Fill out the Start My Project form, call me or email me. Just don’t do all three. That feels stalker-ish.