Total Transformation (Full Service Interiors)
Full Service Interior Design 

is perfect for clients who:

  • Want an experienced designer to create the design and manage the execution of that design in their home
  • Do want to LOVE their home design, but don’t want/need/have time/skill/patience to put together said design
  • Are totally looking forward to someone else doing the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively)
  • Absolutely see the value in hiring a professional who designs for a living to take the stress out of what can and often is a very stressful experience when done on your own
  • Live in or around Wilmington, NC
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But What About…?
Q: Furniture. I already have furniture. Do I have to buy new stuff?

A: Nope. I mean, you certainly can if you aren’t digging what you have. At our first meeting we will come up with a SOW, otherwise known as a Scope of Work. Otherwise, otherwise known as a list of stuff you have, stuff you want and stuff I think you need and then decide what you want me to do about all this stuff. Simply put, it’s a game plan. Totally customized to your home and your needs.

Q: Are you going to talk me into lamps that cost $800 each?

A: Probably not ? I typically recommend you INVEST money in the good stuff (stuff you sit on, sleep in or bathe in). Depending on the budget, I can and often do recommend we find savings in decorative accessories/lighting/artwork.  Don’t get me wrong, I can recommend FABULOUS, high dollar décor for you home, but I am also gifted with the ability to make a smaller budget go a long, long way. 

Do You Have References?

I do. Lots of them. And I’ve paid them well to tell you all the things I’m telling you now (totally kidding). I have a great testimonials page and a lengthy portfolio page for you to peruse. If you’d like to actually speak to people that have taken the plunge (with me) I would be happy to provide you with contact info and a prison visitation schedule (again totally kidding). 80% of my clients are return clients and I love them dearly! The other 20% are new clients like you who can appreciate (or at least ignore) my often inappropriate sense of humor.

Q: Okay I’m ready…where do I sign?

A: Easy. Fill out the Start My Project form, call me or email me. Just don’t do all three. That feels stalker-ish.