Coastal Decor - This Spring Add A Little Coastal Flair

Nothing says spring in Wilmington, NC like the emergence of coastal decor in local stores! Gone is the heavy, holiday decor and here to stay (for at least a week or so until it gets HOT) are the fresh, bright colors of spring. Coastal decor is VERY popular in Wilmington (eastern coast of NC, for those non-local readers). Even though my personal style isn’t especially coastal, when I’m out shopping for clients, I am often inspired to add some coastal accents to my home’s decor. It can be tough to balance a more modern, industrial style like mine with the more farmhouse or shabby chic style that’s so popular in coastal decor. BUT, if I had to add a few key pieces, these would be it. This would be they.  These are them. Whatever, it’s Monday and grammar is not feeling like my friend. Without further ado (and yes, I had to look up how to spell ado - see here - very helpful article) here are the coastal decor & accents I would add to my home if someone’s life depended on it. Or if any of them were on sale, given to me, or won on a radio station contest. Then I would take them, no questions asked. Except maybe the octopus clock. That would I might have questions about.