Living Room Update6 Ways to Update Your Living Room  for <$150

So you want to update your living room. Maybe you are feeling less than inspired by the space, maybe your cat shredded your “pretty” pillow. Maybe the only pillows you have (or have ever had) are on your bed. If this sounds like you, allow me to introduce you to a world where wanting to be at home is because you love being in your home. Like putting on a new outfit can boost your personal confidence (yes, I really really miss “What Not To Wear”), redecorating can completely change your attitude and feelings about your home. But, says the little voice, I can’t afford to re-do my whole living room and unless you do it all it won’t make any difference. Not so. Even the smallest changes in a room can help you see it differently. With that in mind, here are my favorite 6 surefire ways update your living room update for less than $150. Why 6? Because that allows me to show rows of 3 items and had I done 10 I would have had a row with 1 lonely item and that offends my sense of logic.  Odd numbers people. Accessories, pillows, whatever…they always look better in 3’s or 5’s and blogs are no different. Check out my blog on what I like to call the Rule of Odds… as soon as I write it.  🙂

Table Lamps

New table lamps are a terrific way to spice up a boring space. Coordinate with a couple of new pillows or a new area rug and suddenly things are looking pretty snazzy. Lamps are one of those decorative items that don’t have to cost a fortune to make a big impact. Stores like HomeGoods, Old Time Pottery and Target often have great selections in store (and online). I’ve found many a lamp for less than $75, sometimes less than $60. Pick up a pair (I always buy 2 of any lamp) and you’re on your way to a rockin’ new space. This groovy aqua table lamp from Target rings in at only $49.99. Buy 2 and you still have money to burn in your $150 budget!

update your living room aqua lamp


I can’t say enough about the power of a pillow. Accent pillows, while mainly decorative are by far the best way to work in pattern, color and shine to a space.  If you furniture is neutral, pick out something with fun colors to liven things up. If your sofa is a bold color, pick out some neutral pillows with interesting texture or contrast without detracting from the sofa color. The pillow set below comes as a pair for just under $48 (WHAT??). With those kind of prices you could buy new pillows AND new lamps. You might not even recognize your own home.

update your living room yellow gray pillow

Accent Table

Say hello to the life of the party! Accent tables don’t have to be the traditional stained wood, blend in with the world and only get some love when it’s time to put a drink down. Imagine how a room with light couches (or dark for that matter) would suddenly pop with an infusion of teal! Talk about a fun statement piece! At $89.99 a piece, you won’t find a more effective way to brighten up a room for summer or spring. Plus at that price, if you were suddenly less enthralled with the table a year later, it wouldn’t be the end of the world to replace it with something different. These accent tables have 3 convenient storage drawers and a fun trendy color. Winning!

Teal Accent Table update your living room


In my experience most people are terrified of curtains. Picking out a curtain pattern can be intimidating but I have to say I’ve never seen a bigger room transformation than I do when someone installs curtains.  Especially when it’s done right. Check out my curtain blog on what length to buy (hint = it’s not the 84″ panel ALL stores carry). 

Linen Fretwork Curtain Panel Tan (or Yellow) & Gray update your living room

Accent Walls

Are you surprised painting isn’t on the list of ways to liven up your living room? Sure you are. Because every blog and designer show you read & see recommends painting a room to change it’s feel. And you know what? There’s a reason for that. In my experience, switching up a paint color is the easiest and often times the cheapest way to change things up. BUT, most people hate to paint. Hate, hate, hate it.  So, I offer up an alternative. The accent wall. It could be painted. It could be a roll of wallpaper. Wall decals are also very popular and easy to install. It could be made of wood or fabric. The idea is to change one wall, typically the wall meant to be the focal point of the room. Accent walls instantly transform the feeling of a room. Check out my blog on accent walls (as soon as I write it which will be soon..promise) for more info on fun, affordable ideas for an accent wall. For today, consider something like peelable wallpaper or Etsy’s vast inventory of wall decals for some semi serious but never permanent wall treatments.

Accent Walls - Teal wallpaper update your living room


Accessories, also known as decor, trinkets or my personal nickname “fluff” are what ultimately pull a space together and help it feel polished & complete. Adding or replacing old dated accessories with new ones is the least expensive way to update your living room.  New candleholders on the mantel or a mirrored tray on the coffee table  accessorize a round the same way earrings or a bracelet do an outfit. If you decide to go this round, try some glass or mirrored accessories to bounce lots of lights and help the room feel rich and bright.

Luxe & Glam Decor & Accessories update your living room